Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hack beer coaster

so i have all these slicka pads in the freezer and then nothing to do with them because i never go camping... I also have warm beer from the mill that I want to be cold and be drinking at the same time...

victoria - get amongst the best.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pork Cakes and Stir Fry

Recently I have discovered in the cupboard a substance incredibly delicious, known simply as "peanut oil". Pretty sure you can buy it from the supermarket, pretty sure you could eat it on almost anything - salad, chicken, mie goreng... Tastes amazing.

Anyway, we had heaps of pork mince in the freezer so i decided to make something out of it. Last time I made dumplings, but I couldn't be arsed rolling them all up (and we had no skins anyway) so instead I made a kinda thai fish cake but with pork.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Pork Dumplings and Mie Goreng

So this page/blog/thing was originally supposed to be food as well, but it really hasn't had any of that (although not much anything else either). I decided it was time to change this.

I also decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to train my girlfriend to make her own dumplings, because I always have to make them and while they are nice they also take a while to prepare.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Android - expand internal phone memory

so this is for Rak cuz he's rooting his phone atm, but anyone else as well. Continuing off from the "how to root an android phone" post this one is getting more internal memory for your phone by pushing some data to the SD card.

After Froyo(?) it was possible to move some application data to the SD card in the applications menu, but this can cause things to freeze and die and widgets (e.g. clock) to stop is pretty dodge so don't. A better way is to map internal memory to the SD so that the phone doesn't realise it isn't internal, creating a "virtual memory" area on your memory card.

In the previous post I talked about how to partition your SD card, and this is where that gets used.

Friday, 3 August 2012

FREE Desk Power Supply

I found a dead computer at the top of our driveway (we share it with a motel apartment thing), and someone had obviously abandoned it. Not sure if it got left out in the rain, probably.... does care. Soooooo like any right-minded engineering student, I immediately grabbed it and scuttled back home to see what I could scavenge.

As well as 2 disc drives and a floppy drive (which will be dismantled later, A] for shits and gigs and B] for potential motors, linear actuators and other goodies), the PSU was still inside. While it is only rated for 300W which is not enough for a modern computer, that's more than enough for a desk power supply.

The unit provides supplies for GND, 3.3V, 5V and +-12V, as well as a standby 5V which is always on when its plugged in. There is also a wire allowing a switch to be added for turning it on and off without unplugging it. I decided to add an LED to indicate that it was turned on as well, just in case.

I have never been able to do electronics at home (apart from what runs on USB) due to the lack of a scope and a power supply, so this solves half the problem at least.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spider Walker Project

So I saw a video of a spider walker that someone made and was driving around at burning man, and I thought it would make a cool project to make a remote controlled miniature version.

The design will be somewhat based on the stick-figure animation shown on as this gives a simple system which should be fairly easy to replicate.
This will be made on the laser cutter in order to machine precise "layers" and potentially can be driven using some micro gearmotors I have lying around, although these are small and potentially too weak to drive it.

In order to build it and get it laser cut I first have to build it in solidworks, but this also helps me prototype as I can set sizes and lengths and see whether these work in simulation without the cost and effort of building it first.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Building The Best Night Light Ever

So I saw an LED moon night light thing on for like $10, and immediately imagined hacking it with RGB LEDs and whatever else because it seemed such a waste of potential for it to only do what it was supposed to. Cycling through the phases every 10 minutes is all very well, but pulsing blue or red would look so much cooler, specially because the plastic faceplate would make anything look swish. It also refuses to turn on unless it is dark enough, but it does turn on automatically when the lights turn off.

Some of the ideas I had for it were:
  • do selectable/changing colours
  • do different modes e.g. pulsing, phases
  • intensity setting via a potentiometer to save power/crank it bright during the day

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Root and Custom Firmware for Android Phone

Was hacking my mate's phone the other night and realised how few people actually mess with android or know how, and how little instruction is provided on websites so I figured I would do my own for the lulz.

The whole point of android is that its the open alternative to apple, so why not open it up? This is the google equivalent of the always popular iPod "Jailbreak".

Rooting your phone allows you to do far more stuff with it:
  • install "recovery" which allows you to backup your phones current state to SD card and restore it if installing something breaks it
  • install custom firmware ROMs which give better functionality e.g. newer versions of android, added tools/options, themes, overclocking of the CPU, etc.
  • Custom firmware also allows apps to be installed on SD card memory, reducing the space usage on your phones internal memory.
This tut is for an LG Optimus One p500 but should work for any android phone. The stock firmware for this phone has a bug which causes mad lags whenever you have a finger touching the screen (multi-touch implementation, it is looping waiting for more touches) which means you can't play angry birds. Someone has to do something!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Post Virginity

First post y'all.

Thought I should start a blog or something so I have somewhere to direct future employers and other people to to show them stuff I have done... but also just for lulz really.

Theoretically there will be two rough topics, hackage which is electronics and things... and frying, which while generally applying to electronics and particularly mine, is also "I cooked this bomb-ass roast  _____ with _____ and ____ , you know you want to try it.

hopefully it will also motivate me to do continue/finish the projects if they're posted up here.

anyway, enjoi.