Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Root and Custom Firmware for Android Phone

Was hacking my mate's phone the other night and realised how few people actually mess with android or know how, and how little instruction is provided on websites so I figured I would do my own for the lulz.

The whole point of android is that its the open alternative to apple, so why not open it up? This is the google equivalent of the always popular iPod "Jailbreak".

Rooting your phone allows you to do far more stuff with it:
  • install "recovery" which allows you to backup your phones current state to SD card and restore it if installing something breaks it
  • install custom firmware ROMs which give better functionality e.g. newer versions of android, added tools/options, themes, overclocking of the CPU, etc.
  • Custom firmware also allows apps to be installed on SD card memory, reducing the space usage on your phones internal memory.
This tut is for an LG Optimus One p500 but should work for any android phone. The stock firmware for this phone has a bug which causes mad lags whenever you have a finger touching the screen (multi-touch implementation, it is looping waiting for more touches) which means you can't play angry birds. Someone has to do something!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Post Virginity

First post y'all.

Thought I should start a blog or something so I have somewhere to direct future employers and other people to to show them stuff I have done... but also just for lulz really.

Theoretically there will be two rough topics, hackage which is electronics and things... and frying, which while generally applying to electronics and particularly mine, is also "I cooked this bomb-ass roast  _____ with _____ and ____ , you know you want to try it.

hopefully it will also motivate me to do continue/finish the projects if they're posted up here.

anyway, enjoi.