Thursday, 6 September 2012

Android - expand internal phone memory

so this is for Rak cuz he's rooting his phone atm, but anyone else as well. Continuing off from the "how to root an android phone" post this one is getting more internal memory for your phone by pushing some data to the SD card.

After Froyo(?) it was possible to move some application data to the SD card in the applications menu, but this can cause things to freeze and die and widgets (e.g. clock) to stop is pretty dodge so don't. A better way is to map internal memory to the SD so that the phone doesn't realise it isn't internal, creating a "virtual memory" area on your memory card.

In the previous post I talked about how to partition your SD card, and this is where that gets used.

Hackage Recap

1 - Create a backup of your phone, this may take a while.
2 - Mounts/storage > mount usb
3 - Get all of your stuff off the SD card including the backup, because its gonna get formatted.
4 - Eject from my computer and unmount usb.

5 - In order to add app storage on your SD card (which is required for CM ROMs), follow the instructions at  to make an EXT3 partition on your card. Probably only need 256M max, my phone has 150M internal storage so that like triples it.


6 - go back and mount USB again
7 - copy all of the .zip files for ROM, apps, themes, etc onto the sd card.
8 - eject and unmount

9 - Before you install a ROM you need to "mounts and storage>format cache, data, system"
10 - install zip from sd card - install the
11 - install any other zips that need to be installed, there is possibly an order but the ROM page will tell you

Install the app

There are several apps that can be used to push data to the partition, but this post lists most of them with some guidelines on how to choose.

I chose Simple2ext (S2E) and once installed from the app store I could run it and move stuff to the SD card pretty easily. 

When I was trying to download the app there was a problem with the play store, "error processing purchase". This was annoying and I was worried for a bit, but a quick google found the solution which was to do the following
  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications
  2. Navigate to the “All” section
  3. Scroll down to find an app called Google Services Framework
  4. Select Google Services Framework, then tap Clear cache and Clear data

One Caveat

Nothing is ever free, so the compromise for getting all this extra space is a (minor) drop in speed. Booting up it may take longer as loading from the sd is slower than reading direct from flash, plus when you actually run the app it may take longer to load up. Conversely, having less on your phone's memory may speed it up because it has extra scratch space to work with

Just a shorty, but hope it helps.


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